Tree of Life, stained glass
Tree of Life, semi-automatic death
Old Glory, guns and graves
Show Stopper (Bataclan Theater, Paris, France)
Through the Windshield
Guns stop the carnival. (Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, Florida)
Red Ink (We write our history in our blood)
The Charge before the Storm
Bone, broken
Bone, bleeding
Bone, gasping
Bone, trying, crying
Flowing whole
Early Morning, High Noon
El Condor Pasa
High Tide
Low Tide
Tide Pool
Sea-soaked, Wind-whipped
The Calm after the Storm
Eclipse, Approaching
Forest, Muse
Blue Whale Crying
I will keep you safe.
Aquarius (Ode to Michael Phelps)
The Next New Planet
Who's the good guy?
Party On!
Birds of Paradise
CO2 is good for you.
"Pop" goes the Planet
Sperm, count, down
Populating planets
Beyond barbed wire
First Flower
Dive in
Glynwood Summer
And you love me because?
Halfway There
Twenty-two, Again