Nobody's Nomads, last gasp
Nobody's Nomads, sea seesaw
Nobody's Nomads, Pangea
War, Ukraine, week two
War, Ukraine, week 3
Goddess, Coral Reef
Goddess, Caribbean, parched.
Goddess, Greenland, melted.
Goddess, Galapagos, invaded
NOAA's Arc, goddess, hotpot
20//20. Masked, Can I kiss you?
20//20. Masked, No kissing
The Princess Bride, First
The Princess Bride, Next
As she goes, we go.
Happy Together
Water Wings, Sketch
Water Wings
Heaven Seeps In
Take the Redeye Home
The Birthday Lunch
Josh #1
Josh #2
Josh #3
Mask from a series of 12
Adam's Rib
In the Garden
Self Portrait as Moses
Storm Queen